These Aren't Yo Momma's WMIC Commands

I outright stole most of this off of @nbaronian but I plan on updating this post with more as they come to me.

WMIC not working, rpc server unavailable, mof error corruption
psexec \\x.x.x.x cmd.exe
net stop winmgmt /Y
net stop winmgmt
reg add "hkcu\Environment" /v PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE /t REG_SZ /d x86
rename or delete c:\windows\system32\wbem\repository
net start winmgmt

sc \\remotemachine stop winmgmt and it's needed deps
rename c:\windows\system32\wbem\repository
sc \\remotemachine start winmgmt
psexec \\remotemachine cmd.exe
reg add "hkcu\Environment" /v PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE /t REG_SZ /d x86
Test wmic
wmic process list brief
If SC fails use psexec like so to stop winmgmt
psexec \\remotebox -u rb\username cmd.exe
net stop winmgmt /Y
rename c:\windows\system32\wbem\repository
reg add "hkcu\Environment" /v PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE /t REG_SZ /d x86
net start winmgmt /Y

Determine user currently logged in remotely
wmic /node:remotecomputer computersystem get username

For a text file of the manual run
wmic /?:full > wmic_docs.txt

Remotely list startup apps
wmic /node:machinename startup list full
wmic STARTUP GET Caption, Command, User

Reboot or Shutdown a box
wmic os where buildnumber="7601" call reboot

Kill a process – use with care
wmic process where name="cmd.exe" delete

Get OS Information and export to CSV, html, xsl, mof
wmic /output:wmicbuild.csv os get /all /format:csv
wmic /output:wmicbuild.html os get /all /format:htable

List running processes and output to HTML/XSL form.
wmic /output:wmic.html process list full /format:hform

Query Device Driver Status
wmic /output:savrt.csv sysdriver where name="savrt" list status /format:csv

Query this status on all machines in the domain. You have all the machines in the domain in a text file
wmic /node:"@targets.txt" /output:savrt.csv sysdriver where name="savrt" list status /format:csv

Get a list of NICs and IP’s in use
netsh int ip show config
wmic nicconfig where IPEnabled='true'

Remotely change the IP to a static IP (Index is Interface#)
wmic /node:machinename nicconfig where Index=1 call EnableStatic (""), ("")

Remotely change IP to use DHCP
wmic /node:machinename nicconfig where Index=1 call EnableDHCP

Remotely Display machine’s MAC Address
wmic /node:machinename nic get macaddress

Get Process Owner or OwnerSID
wmic process where name="cmd.exe" call getowner
wmic process where name="cmd.exe" call getownersid

Remotely list running processes every second
wmic /node:machinename process list brief /every:1

Delete ARPCache
netsh int ip delete arpcache

System Information - Remotely display System Info
wmic /node:machinename computersystem list full

Full Drive Info
wmic diskdrive list full
wmic partition list full

Bios Info
wmic bios list full

List all Hotfixes and Services Packs
wmic qfe

List HotfixID, description and Install date
wmic qfe where "not description like " get description,hotfixid,installedon
example: wmic qfe where hotfixid="KB958644" list full

Remotely List Local Enabled Accounts
wmic /node:computername USERACCOUNT WHERE "Disabled=0 AND LocalAccount=1" GET Name

Start a service
wmic /node:computername service lanmanserver CALL Startservice

Change startup mode for a service
wmic /node:machinename service where (name like "Fax" OR name like "Alerter") CALL ChangeStartMode Disabled

List Services with brief description
wmic service list brief

List useraccounts
wmic useraccount
wmic useraccount list brief

Enable RDP
wmic /node:"computername" path Win32_TerminalServiceSetting where AllowTSConnections=“0” call SetAllowTSConnections “1”

List ShadowCopy Info
wmic shadowcopy list brief

List Event Logs
wmic ntevent list brief --- Brief takes a while, full takes even longer
wmic nteventlog where (description like "%secevent%") call cleareventlog

Remotely output Logon Events to a html file
wmic /node:machinename /output:wmicevents.html ntevent where (message like "%logon%") list brief /format:htform

List number of times a user logged on
wmic netlogin where (name like "%adm%") get numberoflogons

Display Shares
wmic share list brief