34 File Entries on a Brand New $MFT

So recently there was a request on a DFIR mailing list about recovering $MFT FILE records.
That got me thinking about the creation of the $MFT so I added a new virtual drive to a VM and formatted it.
Here are the entries I found on a brand new $MFT:
The master file table (MFT) stores the information required to retrieve files from an NTFS partition.
This is a system file that duplicates at least the first four FILE records of the MFT for recovery purposes.
The NTFS log file is a circular log of all file operations, kept on disk so that unsuccessful operations can be rolled back safely.
Contains information about the volume, such as the volume label and the volume version.
Lists attribute names, numbers, and descriptions.
Root folder.
Keeps track of all of the used and unused clusters on an NTFS volume.
"Boot Sector" Bootable partition that stores information about the layout of the volume and the file system structures, as well as the boot code that loads Ntdlr.
NTFS puts the address of the cluster containing the bad sector in the bad cluster file, $BadClus, in the MFT so that the bad sector is not reused.
Alternate Data Stream of $BadClus.
"9","File + Unknown2","/$Secure"
The Security Descriptor Stream ($SDS) contains a list of all the Security Descriptors on the volume.
"9","File + Unknown2","/$Secure:$SDS"
This is a 128KB file full of capital letters. For each character in the Unicode alphabet, there is an entry in this file. It is used to compare and sort filenames.
This is a directory containing the Metadata files: $ObjId, $Quota, $Reparse and $UsnJrnl
"24","File + Unknown1 + Unknown2","/$Extend/$Quota"
"25","File + Unknown1 + Unknown2","/$Extend/$ObjId"
"26","File + Unknown1 + Unknown2","/$Extend/$Reparse"
"28","File + Unknown1","/$Extend/$RmMetadata/$Repair"
"28","File + Unknown1","/$Extend/$RmMetadata/$Repair:$Config"