Mass Undelete from the Recycle Bin

This is more "e-discovery" than forensics but I recently had a case where I needed to 1,300 files that were in a user's Recycle Bin.

It was not overly important to the user's management when they were originally created or when it was deleted. They just wanted to review the documents. So I took an hour and hammered out this beast.
#Purpose: 	Copy all of the contents of the Recycle Bin to a destination folder
#		perserving the dir structure and filename.
#		Not meant as a forensically sound aquistion tool. Just a means to an end.
#This hack job of a python script does:
#1. Looks for $I files
#2. Checks to see if the corresponding $R file exists
#3. Parses $I files to get the original filename and path
#4. Copies the $R file to the output folder recreating the original dir structure
# Example:
# c:\test\subdir\uselessfile.txt gets deleted.
# This script will copy the file out of the Recycle Bin to c:\Temp\Root\Test\subdir\uselessfile.txt.
# If one already exists there, it will keep trying make a unique name ex: uselessfile12345.txt

import os
import random
from os.path import exists
RecBin = 'C:\\$Recycle.Bin'
DestFolder = 'c:\\Temp\\test'

def look4ifiles(ext, dirname, names):
    for name in names:
		if name.lower().startswith('$i'):
			check4rfile(dirname, name)

def check4rfile(ifiledirname, ifilename):
	rfilename = ifilename.lower().replace('$i','$r')
	if exists(os.path.join(ifiledirname, rfilename)):
		parseifile(ifiledirname, ifilename, rfilename)
		print("Can not find " + rfilename + " for " + os.path.join(ifiledirname, rfilename))

def parseifile(ifiledirname, ifilename,rfilename):
	dest_path = ""
	ifile = os.path.join(ifiledirname, ifilename)
	with open(ifile,"rb") as f:
		file_path =
		while file_path != "":
			if int(file_path.encode("hex"),16) != 0:
				dest_path += file_path
			file_path =
	extractfromrecbin(ifiledirname, rfilename, dest_path)

def finduseabledestinationfilepath(final_dest_path):
	if exists(final_dest_path):
		fileName, fileExtension = os.path.splitext(final_dest_path)
		trythisone = str(fileName + str(random.randint(0,1000000)) + fileExtension)
		print trythisone
		return finduseabledestinationfilepath(trythisone)
		return final_dest_path
def extractfromrecbin(ifiledirname, rfilename, dest_path):
	rfile = ifiledirname + '\\' + rfilename
	outputlocation = finduseabledestinationfilepath(DestFolder + dest_path)
	os.system('echo f |xcopy /Y \"' + rfile + '\" \"' + str(outputlocation) + '\"')

#os.path.walk(RecBin, look4ifiles, exten)
for root, dirs, files in os.walk("c:\\$recycle.bin", topdown=False):
    for name in files:
		if name.lower().startswith('$i'):
			check4rfile(root, name)